Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NSBA Conference: Attention Adaptivity: How to Know If REAL Learning is Taking Place!

Current research in neuroscience shows positive correlations between cognitive abilities (attention, memory, etc) and improved student achievement. Calcasieu Parish Public Schools (enr. 34,000) will focus on the innovative concept of Attention Adaptivity, specifically the use of an individual's attention data to inform instruction and allow it to adapt to the individual learner with the goal of optimizing the student's attention, and to achieve academic success. In this session, you will learn how to help students understand their learning deficits and how to erase them.

Handouts - None

It was interesting to watch them run the software program on a test subject from the audience.  The subject was suppose to watch a brief video about the galaxy and outer space, etc, maybe five minutes in length while an electrode was stuck to her forehead to monitor her attention on the video.  The video was complete with a couple of pop-up ads intentionally for distraction.  End result, a teacher would be able to tell what material the student wasn't focused on or their attention waivered for re-teaching.  Question actual functionality.

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