Friday, September 13, 2013

Notes from Joint Board of Education Commissioner Meeting, 9/10/13

Sorry this has been delayed and it will be brief.

The meeting began by Chairwoman Wise reading a statement addressing Dr. Lever's (IAC) letter and request for the facilities survey and funding the survey.  After a brief discussion the commissioners agreed and voted to fund the survey using DRRA funds.

Mr. Conley (Principal for St. Charles High School) then presented on the new high school.  Several questions were asked and answered.  Some key points were teacher collaboration areas, and it's a zoned school.  Mr. Wade brought up his disappointment in the fact the pool had been cut from the plan design for budgetary reasons, stating that "we know...that Afro-Americans cannot swim" and that the enrollment at St. Charles High will be a "minority majority."   The commissioners agreed to look into funding and see what could be done.

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