Friday, September 13, 2013

Commissioner July School Allocation Meeting, 9/10/13

The county once again came before the commissioners for their regularly scheduled school allocation cycle.  The Board of Education, including myself, vehemently opposed allocating additional seats until the APFO Subcommittee completes its work.  In addition, there is currently over 3,000 allocations currently actively being built which equates to over 1,500 potential students (.5 students per household) an additional 3,000+ that have been granted but have not yet begun.  However they have been granted and therefore can begin whenever they so desire.  So using the formula above, that is a potential of 3,000+ students hitting our school system.

The commissioners voted to grant these allocations anyway AGAINST the Board of Educations protest.  Commissioner Kelly was the only descending vote.

View the report and allocations awarded HERE

Is YOUR school going to be the next one REDISTRICTED? 

And when it is, you will know why!  Please don't wait to come complain at the Board of Education public forums when it happens.  Go to your COMMISSIONER public forums NOW.  Let your voice be heard NOW!

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