Friday, March 08, 2013

School Adequate Public Facilities Program and Funding Review Committee

Is looking forward to beginning my work on this committee which will begin Wednesday evening, March 13th at 6:00 p.m. in the commissioners meeting room atthe Charles County Government Building and is open to the public.

The Committee shall evaluate the County’s approach to ensuring adequate public facilities for schools in the development approval process to determine if the current policy is achieving the stated goals. The Committee should also develop solutions for addressing the timing of providing adequate school facilities to match the planned growth in the County. The Committee should work with designated staff to explore the feasibility and make recommendations on the best method to work through the issues related to school redistricting, school capacity allocation, and the timing and methods of school funding and construction.

(Althought i have an issue with the redistricting statement in here)

Planning and Growth Management, Jason Groth 301-645-0689

Members (i guess Pam & I got stripped of our titles)

Jennifer Abell Regular
Reuben Collins, II County Commissioner
Rosemin Daya Regular
Jason Groth Charles County Government Staff
Glenda Harrison Regular
John Hayes Regular
Candice Kelly County Commissioner
James Lorenzi Regular
Doug Meeker Regular
Pamela Pedersen Regular
Sarah Sandy Charles County Government Staff

Agenda for 3.13

Committee Member Introduction
Bill 2011-08, Code of Ethics
  • Copy to be provided to all Committee Members
  • Brief Review
Resolution 2012-70, Code of Civility
  • Copy to be provided to all Committee Members
  • Brief Review
Oath of Office
  • Copy to be provided to all Committee Members
  • Oath Taking
  • Certificate handout
Acknowledgement Form
  • All members of the Committee must sign and return to Sarah by the end of the meeting.
Chairman and Vice Chair
  • Nominations
  • Voting
Overview of the Purpose of the Committee
Review Meeting Dates and Frequency
Discuss/Establish Public Participation Policy
Review Draft Work Plan and refine
Brief Review of School Allocation Program and Policies
Brief Review of DRRA Mitigation Program and Policies
Status of 2014 School CIP for new School Capacity
School Redistricting Policy
Identification of Additional Issues

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