Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Notes from Board of Education Meeting, 10/9/12

The Board of Education Meeting on Tuesday, October 9 will be re-broadcast on Comcast Channel 96, Verizon FIOS Channel 12 and is available via webstream at http://www.ccboe.com/ . To view the full agenda and the various reports, please visit BoardDocs.

The below notes are my personal notes and are not intended to be all-inclusive or official minutes for the Board of Education meetings and are provided as a request from my supporters and the general public in a personal effort to be more transparent. Although I have diligently tried to make these notes as unbiased and accurate as possible, I am only human and do make mistakes.

Executive session – 12 p.m.

Call to order – 1 p.m. - Pledge of Allegiance, La Plata High School's JROTC unit

Sheriff's update – Charles County Sheriff Rex Coffey

  • 11-12 school year - 8,039 Juvenile contacts; 382 Criminal Incident Reports; 299 Juvenile Offense Reports; 21 Physical arrests; 1,963 6th Graders in the DARE Program; 2,456 9th graders Truth & Consequences Program
  • Crime Solvers - 349 Tips; 97 cases solved; $3,230 Payout
  • Teen Court - 199 cases
  • Drug Court - 14 juveniles assigned
  • $10,000 grant from Cal Ripkin Association for special events and summer programs
  • Sheriff Coffey doesn't see a need to bring the drug dogs through the schools
Superintendent's update to the Board  - see report
  • Selection of redistricting committee members - see report
  • The following members were selected:
    • Betty Tayman, Dr. Gustavus Brown Elementary School;
    • LaCharles Earle, Eva Turner Elementary School;
    • Karen Haskins, Mattawoman Middle School;
    • Kristopher Foote, Milton M. Somers Middle School;
    • Joanna Wilson, community member;
    • David Cooksey, community member; and
    • James Hooper, community member.
Correspondence/Board member updates
  • Pedersen - attendance at MABE conference; telepresence
  • Bowie - Waldorf West library to open in November; science projects, please let the students do their own projects
  • Lukas - college fair, very impressed and and excellent opportunity
  • Wade - Dr. Carl Smith, Executive Director of MABE is retiring on December 30th.
  • Wise - Attended Reading Partners Luncheon
Education Association of Charles County update - no one in attendance

Student Board member update - see report

FY2012 Independent financial audit - annual financial report - see report
  • Page highlights 1, 3, 13, 15, 20, 50, 61, 62,
  • highest ratings throughout the report in all areas
  • major impact on budget forcast - pension planning
Budget update - see report

Middle School Program  - see report for more information on the programs at the individual schools
  • my opinion - organized, guided, fancy study hall
  • I personally have received praise and complaints from various parents throughout the community.
School Audit Update
  • North Point - 37 students identified in violation and withdrawn; 19 out-of-county; 10 additional siblings in other schools identifed
  • LaPlata - 21 ongoing investigations; 5 out-of-zone, out-of-county, or out-of-state
  • All have been sent letters with tuition owed
CIP update - see report

Annual Bridge to Excellence - see report

Gifted and Talented Education Month resolution - see report

Human Resources Update - In need of Math, Science, Special Ed, English

Policy #5171.1 – Epi-pens - demonstration

Unfinished Business - none

New business - none

Future agenda items - Schedule for first redistricting meeting; date set November 5th.

Recognition- 4:30 p.m.
  • Students - Khloe Sedlack, 5th grade, Career Readiness, Gale-Bailey Elementary School, Principal: Carolyn Richardson; Meybel Alvarado-Huezo, 5th grade, Academic Achievement, Mary H. Matula Elementary School, Principal: Timothy Rosin; Casey Nottingham, 5th grade, Personal Responsibility, Arthur Middleton Elementary School, Principal: Sabrina Robinson-Taylor; Sarah Chen, 8th grade, Personal Responsibility, Milton M. Somers Middle School, Principal: Stephanie Wesolowski; Jenette Phillips, 12th grade, Academic Achievement, Maurice J. McDonough High School, Principal: Bradley Snow
  • Staff - Nina Ogasaware, school counselor, Gale-Bailey; Tracy Bell, third grade teacher, Matula; Shirley Turner, first grader teacher, Middleton; Crystal Holm, mathematics teacher, Somers; Jason Bursick, athletic director, McDonough
  • Resolutions – American Education Week and American Freedom Week
Public Forum – 6 p.m.  - none

Action items
  • Minutes
Motion to accept the Minutes by Cook; Second by Bowie
Yes = Abell, Bowie, Cook, Pedersen, Wise, Wade; Abstain = Lukas

Motion to accept the Work Session Minutes by Cook; Second by Bowie
Yes = All

Motion to accept the Executive Session Minutes by Cook; Second by Wade
Yes = All

  • Personnel
Motion to accept the Personnel by Cook; Second by Wade
Yes = All
  • FY2013 Comprehensive Maintenance Plan
Motion to accept the Comprehensive Maintenance Plan by Pedersen; Second by Lukas
Yes = All
  • Gifted and talented education policy
Motion to accept the Gifted and talented education policy by Pedersen; Second by Cook
Yes = All

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