Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Superintendents' Contracts

The following information has been provided by a blog reader, with a request that it be posted. I welcome your comments.

Fairfax ˜ base salary in 2009 $292,469 (plus $65,500 in deferred pension pay investments)

to manage 22,000 employees,
173,000 students and a
$2.2 billion budget (billion, with a ˆb-)

Montgomery ˜ no details; Washington Post reported in 2009 his compensation package was worth $500,000

to manage
22,026 employees,
141,777 students and also a
$2.2 billion budget (billion, with a ˆb-)

Charles ˜ base salary $289,050

to manage
3,397 employees,
26,779 students and a
$299.5 million budget (million, with an ˆm-)


Anonymous said...

What are the average teachers' salaries in these counties?

Anonymous said...

Some more info on MoCo v Fairfax:

MC v Fairfax principal salaries

For the 1st time in 11 years...Jerry Weast's Contract

Anonymous said...

Question: What if school based staff were at the top of the pay scale? That is, what if teachers were rewarded for staying in the classroom instead of rewarded for leaving the classroom?
Would that pay scale work?

Jennifer Abell said...

Anonymous all,
The average teacher salaries in the three counties is listed below based on

Charles - $59,108
Montgomery - $62,138
Fairfax - $59,108

I would love for teachers to be rewarded for staying the classroom, if they were qualified and excelled in the classroom. IN other words if they were a good fit.