Thursday, September 03, 2009

President Obama's Address to Students

We have had multiple inquiries from parents, teachers and staff as to whether the school system will provide students with access to view President Barack Obama’s national address to students, which will be broadcast live on the White House Web site, as well as on C-SPAN, at noon, Tuesday, September 8, 2009.

The school system does not have the capabilities to provide ALL students with access to view the address for the following reasons:

  • The data server the school system uses, which supports the school system Web site, does not have the capacity to support more than 65 streams, or 65 individual log ins, to the White House Web site; and
  • The school system does not have the capability to provide television access because C-SPAN has recently become digitized and none of the schools are equipped with a digital converter box from Comcast.

Charles County Public Schools will provide a link to the White House’s Web site on the school system Web site for parents, students and others to access the presidential address at home.

Because everyone will not be able to access this broadcast during the school day, we are asking that no teachers use this in their classrooms.


Anonymous said...

IS this the same Charles County that pats itself on the back for their state of the art Science & TECHNOLOGY school? Weren't we told CC was the first school in either the country or the state to have computers in every classroom? Sounds like a whole lot of money was spent on nothing or at least nothing of value.

Anonymous said...

This "indoctrination" of students is just one reason why private schools and home schooling are gaining traction.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's "indoctrination" when Obama speaks to students? What did you call in on 9/11 when Bush was speaking to students while the World Trade Center Towers were under attack?

Anonymous said...

Bush being at school reading a book to the kids is a bit different. Until the buildings were hit, it was merely a second page blurb. The video shown was RECORDED from the event...not shown live.

As for when Reagan talked to the students in 1988, it was announced WEEKS in advance and not kept under wraps only to be leaked out days before the event...AND it happened while the kids were at home with their parents in the evening.

In Oct 1991, it was also in the evening but recorded by many teachers and played back in classes when Bush Sr. spoke to the students...also announced WEEKS in advance, and made available for review by parents and educators alike.

Anonymous said...

With the chronic liars, idiots, racists, etc. that Obama surrounds himself with, why wouldn't you expect parents wanting to keep their kids light years away from his clap-trap?
Reverend Wright baptized his kids, married Obama, and he sat for 20 years listening to the vitriol coming from that mindless dimwit.
So, now Obama is nominated to be president, then decides to separate himself (at least publically) from Wright.

People need to do their homework on this character. He espouses philosophies of Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, and others. The government has long overstepped it's constitutional authority.

Charles County needs to concentrate on bringing up the level of education and not worry about bringing in a staunch socialist into the classrooms.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your bid for CC Commissioner run in 2010, Jennifer.

Let us know how that works out for you.

Anonymous said...

Indoctrination, Socilaist - how rediculus is that? I'm not on the same page with Obama on any number of issues. However, anytime an adult (especially the leader of the free world) reinforces the importance of education to our kids, I'm on board! Stop the lunacy on both sides! Those of you who did not vote for this man need to get over it! The Patriot Act has done more to strip away individual freedom and liberty that anything Obama could ever do. Yet, I do not recall the level of vitriol againt his policies being so great!