Thursday, September 03, 2009


I was just notified by Central Office that the Board of Education has been summoned to meet with the Commissioners once again for a "Joint Meeting" on the new high school. The date is September 10, 2009 at 1:30 pm in the board room. If this is truely a "joint meeting" why are we dictated a time instead of coordinating? The majority of the Board of Education members hold full-time jobs in addition to their elected position and cannot always be at the beckoning call of the sitting royal "highnesses"


Anonymous said...

Watch your back

Jennifer Abell said...

Is that a threat?

Anonymous said...

With the level of competency of these five incompetents as well as the record of "New, Stellar High Schools" through the last years, please excuse my French, but the whole idea of another one under this administration should be "shit canned."

Total waste of taxpayer money, your gas, your time. etc.
Vote the idea down, please.

North Point has toileted on it's tests. How long has it been open?

Unless it is a charter school, void of ANY WHATSOEVER finger from the local administration or teacher's union.
Or the damned State Board of Illegitimate Education.

Anonymous said...

Lst me guess. Executive session too. Right? After all these are the two most transparent boards this county has ever seen. NOT!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, now that's the type of talk I like to hear. Iamangttia