Thursday, April 30, 2009

Important News Reminders for Charles County Public Schools

Last day of school for students is Friday, June 12
Information regarding swine flu

[Email from Maurice J. McDonough High School received today –]

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Charles County Public Schools has two important news reminders this week.

The Board of Education this week set the last day of school for students as Friday, June 12. For more information on the last day of school, visit HERE.

On April 30, a letter outlining steps Charles County Public Schools is
taking to prevent the spread of infection and the flu was sent home with
all students. Information about swine flu changes daily, and already since
we had this letter printed yesterday, there have been six probable cases
of swine flu identified in two northern Maryland counties. Superintendent
James E. Richmond wants to assure each parent we are taking all steps
possible, and we are working with the Charles County Department of Health
to do our part to help lessen the spread of this disease.

Here is a copy of the letter sent home with students.

April 28, 2009

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Although there have been no reported cases of swine flu in Maryland,
Charles County Public Schools is on alert and is taking immediate steps to
help prevent the spread of flu among students.

Swine flu is a respiratory virus that started with pigs, but has spread to
humans. It has already caused more than 100 deaths in Mexico, and there
have been confirmed cases in the United States. The Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention is calling the spread of the virus a public health

Symptoms include fever greater than 100 degrees, sore throat, cough,
stuffy nose, chills, headache and body aches and/or fatigue. If students
present any of these symptoms to a school nurse, parents will be contacted
and asked to immediately take their child home. If your child has a fever
greater than 100 degrees, contact your family doctor. If your child is
sick, he/she should stay home from school and limit contact with others.

At schools, we are reminding students of proper hygiene practices and
conducting frequent supervised hand washing in elementary schools.
Teachers are reminding students at secondary schools that hand washing is
the best flu prevention measure.

All public schools in Charles County use appropriate measures to limit the
spread of infection. Some of the daily cleaning done by our building
service workers includes disinfecting bathrooms and other areas with
hospital-approved cleaners.

Additionally, the school system is monitoring attendance at each school
and will investigate any spikes or unusual occurrences. We are also making
contingency plans with the Charles County Department of Health in the
event the flu spreads to Maryland and Charles County.

If you have a question about the virus, please contact the school nurse or
the Charles County Department of Health at 301-609-6900, ext. 6025. If you
have a concern about your child’s health, please contact your doctor


James E. Richmond
Superintendent of Schools

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