Friday, January 30, 2009

Well-Connected Parents Take On School Board

By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post Staff Writer

For a new generation of well-wired activists in the Washington region, it's not enough to speak at Parent-Teacher Association or late-night school board meetings. They are going head-to-head with superintendents through e-mail blitzes, social networking Web sites, online petitions, partnerships with business and student groups, and research that mines a mountain of electronic data on school performance.

These parent insurgents are gaining influence -- and getting things changed. [Wash. Post]

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im1ru2 said...

If you ask me Jennifer, you were ahead of your time! This article shows how you have been ahead of the curve in giving your constituents a voice for change, concern, applaud, opinion or just an idea.

Sometimes those things were liked, sometimes not but your blog has always provided the means for a place to comment. So whether someone says someone else is ridiculous or right-on, YOU have been getting it done for a very long time and need to be reminded of what a wonderful job you have been doing and continue to do day after day!