Thursday, January 29, 2009

States get D-plus on teacher reviews

By LIBBY QUAID, AP Education Writer

WASHINGTON – States are not doing what it takes to keep good teachers and remove bad ones, a national study found.

Only Iowa and New Mexico require any evidence that public school teachers are effective before granting them tenure, according to the review released Thursday by the National Council on Teacher Quality. [AP]


Anonymous said...

Duh! This is news? I think one CCPS math teacher correographed the dance of the lemons. When Starkey officials said the teacher was let go or removed what they really meant was she was sent to a new school with unsuspecting parents. Good ones are pulled out of the classroom or move to greener pastures. The lemons just dance in CCPS.

LegalBeaglette said...

"The report also criticized Maryland's lack of a data collection system that would allow a district to track the test scores of every teacher's students over a number of years. Such a system could be one of the factors used to evaluate teachers.

Excellent long as the "test scores" aren't generated by the teacher!

Jennifer Abell said...

Oh yeah, what a novel idea. I among numerous other ciizens have asked for this information on numerous occasions and the answeer is always "no".