Thursday, October 09, 2008

Notes from Q & A, October 9, 2008

The Q & A session this evening turned out just as planned. I had envisioned a very informal session, no set agenda, no specific topic, no presentation, come as you are, drop in and out; just a meeting of parents sitting around discussing education and school issues...and that was exactly what we had. I was a little surprised to see Chairman Wade in attendance. In addition, Charles Carrington stopped by, the new education reporter from the Indy and six parents total in differing shifts.

Topics discussed

  • System-wide germ control such as hand washing or anti bacterial soap prior to lunch
  • System-wide recycling program
  • School lunches (this one was already on my list)
  • Nanjemoy Enviromental Center and the wonderful programs they offer
  • Procedures for out of zone requests for attendance
  • Policy submission procedures (Policy 8210)

I look forward to next month, November 13th. Please forward any requests for information you would like to bring with me. Thank you for your support and attendance.

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