Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, III

Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, III., President of the University of Maryland Baltimore County was invited to speak at the Starkey Building today. Most board members as well as several staff, parents and students were in attendance.

Dr. Hrabowski spoke very highly of CCPS however his presentation took a turn when it came to SAT's. Basically, CCPS overall average SAT scores are not reflective of CCPS as a whole. We need to do something. In addition, he stressed that ALL students should be taking the SAT. (Does this sound familiar? It should. It's what I've been trying to stress for the last four years. Maybe if a doctor says it someone will listen.) He even went on to mention, he knew for a fact that some CCPS counselor's have even discouraged students from taking the SAT. (Yep, I said that before too. My daughter was one of them.) We are limiting their options by not encouraging them to take the test. The rumor of college's not looking at the scores as much any more was brought up and he emphatically said it was a "joke". Yes indeed, colleges are looking at these scores.

I believe the session wast taped, and might be edited, but will probably be aired on Channel 96. Here is the link to the schedule.


Anonymous said...

How much did we taxpayers pay/gift/whatever this guy to tell you what we parents have been saying - for free - for years and years! TaG parents and Parental Advisory Committees have been chatting about this for ages.

Next step - what do the board and the superintendent plan to do with this information? Discount it the same way you did when mere mortal parents brought it to your attention?

Just curious. Who in their right mind said colleges aren't looking at SAT scores any longer? Did the board really believe that hooey? Sounds like an administrative CYA to me. Pray tell, in view of the system's recent enlightenment, will CCPS guidance counselors still be discouraging students from taking the SAT?

A fact is a fact, our students - as a whole - don't stack up and can't compete nationally (or apparently even statewide) when it comes to test scores. Recent AP scores alone are a nauseating reminder of that fact. A rose is a rose, it doesn't matter who picks it or who smells it. The fact is, it is a rose. So why does the board only listen to the facts when they are presented by a well-paid lord on high rather than a parent living day in and day out with kids in the system? Makes me wonder if there really is a budget crunch when you can pay for speakers and host these kinds of no-news events. Again, how much did CCPS pay/gift/honorarium/whatever this guy?

Jennifer Abell said...

I have beeninformed by staff that the Dr. was NOT paid. He came and spoke as a favor for Mr. Richmond. He had one cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

What will be done with all the information, wisdom, and insight you received for the price of a cup of coffee?