Friday, June 20, 2008

Transformation Schools

Taking place in Baltimore City...
In a nutshell, it is small schools combining middle and high schools with a singular college and/or career focus with a unique curriculum or career focus.

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Don in Hughesville said...

These are the kinds of ideas that do not require addition money as much as they do require a new way of thinking. The traditional models that systems are employing are producing the same old results. If we wanted to become a destination system that could attract the best and brightest students and educators, then we would step outside of the norm and try radically different approaches. Continuing to do the same things only produces the same results.

Anonymous said...

Don, the flaw in this system is that the comprehensive (i.e. large) high school allows a large enough community to ensure both funds and enrollment for a variety of programs from fine and performing arts through the most difficult AP classes that would not be possible at so called "academy" type schools. While are fine arts programs are in dire circumstances (despite all the comments in the paper about the strength of the arts in Charles County) the situation would only be worse if there were a smaller pool of students from which to draw.