Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Principal, vice principal appointments and transfers approved

Two Charles County Public Schools vice principals, Evelyn Arnold and Wilhelmina Pugh, were appointed by the Board of Education on Monday, June 23, as principals. Arnold is the new principal at La Plata High School and Pugh is principal of Malcolm Elementary School.

Arnold, who is a vice principal at La Plata, is moving up to the spot being vacated by Garth Bowling who is retiring from Charles County Public Schools and accepting a principal position in St. Mary's County. Arnold has been with Charles County Public Schools since 1992 when she started as a teacher. She taught both middle school social studies and high school history before being promoted to an administrative assistant position at Maurice J. McDonough High School in 1999. Arnold has served as a vice principal at La Plata since 2000.

Pugh moves to Malcolm from her position as vice principal of Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Elementary School. She replaces Sandra Brehon, who announced her retirement last week. Pugh started with Charles County Public Schools in 1980 as a speech language pathologist. Since 1999, she has served as vice principal at Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Elementary School, Dr. Thomas L. Higdon Elementary School and Jenifer.

The Board also approved a number of vice principal appointments, which include the following:

  • Cynthia Panizzi-Williams, a reading resource teacher at J.C. Parks Elementary School, to vice principal at C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School;
  • Monique Moore, a teacher in Prince George's County, to vice principal at Dr. James Craik Elementary School;
  • Karen Lewis, a vice principal in Washington, D.C., to vice principal at Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Elementary School;
  • Jean Ritter, IEP facilitator at Barnhart and North Point, to vice principal at Mary H. Matula Elementary School;
  • Desann Manzano-Lee, sixth-grade administrator in Prince George's County, to vice principal at Mary B. Neal Elementary School;
  • Tynika Lytle, reading resource teacher at Theodore G. Davis Middle School, to vice principal at J.C. Park Elementary School;
  • Debra L. Calvert, coordinator of middle school instruction, to vice principal at Mattawoman Middle School; and
  • Richard Conley, administrative assistant at Westlake High School, to vice principal at Henry E. Lackey High School.

Superintendent James E. Richmond also approved the following vice principal transfers:

  • Michael Simms, vice principal at Mattawoman, to vice principal at North Point High School;
  • Terri St. Clair, vice principal at Lackey, to vice principal at Maurice J. McDonough High School; and
  • Curry Werkheiser, principal at Lackey, to vice principal at La Plata. Werkheiser requested a transfer from the principal position.

All appointments and transfers are effective July 1.


Anonymous said...

It's too bad that they didn't transfer out one certain VP at North Point. The administration there is unimpressive and tends to treat parents with the same low regard as the students. I would love to know what the real qualifications are to staff these positions - the posted job announcements are too vague and generic. For people who have so much impact on students' lives, I honestly don't think much thought is put into filling these positions. The "good ole' boy" network which seems to be entrenched in the Superintendent's office does not serve the students of the county very well.

Don in Hughesville said...


You are right about the entrenched "good ole boy" network. This is why we need to make sure the the public steps up and DEMANDS that our School Board vet our current superintendent rather than rubber stamp his contract renewal in 2009. We can do better. Our school board needs to have the stones to challenge this System's leadership team to do better. This Superintendent has hoodwinked the county!