Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Va. 8th-Graders Edge Peers in Writing

By Maria Glod
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, April 4, 2008; Page B06

U.S. eighth-graders and high school seniors showed stronger writing skills last year than their counterparts did five years earlier, a federal report says, and eighth-graders in Virginia public schools continued to beat the national average.

The writing assessment, part of a federally financed series of findings known as the Nation's Report Card, aims to get a handle on how well students across the country can craft essays, letters and stories.

Virginia's public school eighth-graders edged their peers elsewhere in writing scores made public yesterday, earning an average of 157 on a 300-point scale, compared with the national average of 154. The state also exceeded the national average for that measure in 2002 and 1998.

Maryland and the District did not participate in the writing test last year. There were no state-by-state results for 12th-graders.

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Anonymous said...

An F is an F is an F is an F! The fact that Va's av score was 52.3% and the nation's average was 51.2% is hardly anything to write home about. As I've always said, in the toilet is in the toilet. Doesn't matter if it floats or sinks, it's still crap! And the fact that Maryland is only one of 5 states (DC included) that didn't participate in the writing test speaks volumes for Grasmick's "Don't test, don't tell" mentality. Keep pushing that HSA and forget about how these kids compete nationally or globally.

Margaret Young