Monday, April 14, 2008

Reverse the teen dropout trend

By Colin Powell and Alma Powell
April 9, 2008

When nearly one-third of our students fail to complete high school — and when many of those who do graduate are not fully prepared for college and the workforce — it isn't just an education issue. It's an issue of national security. As a country, that's how we must think of it.

In the time it takes to read these paragraphs, another U.S. teenager will drop out of high school: 1.2 million students per year, nearly 7,000 students per school day, one student every 26 seconds drops out. For young people of color, the statistics are even more startling. Nearly half of African-American and Native-American students will not graduate with their class, while less than six in 10 Hispanic students will.

We say we have a dropout crisis. Looking at these figures, and the impact they have on our young people, our families and our country, we have more than a crisis. We're facing a catastrophe.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i agree i don't know where that info came from but its so not true

Jennifer Abell said...

ONe of the above post had foul language and there fore I deleted it. Please see below for the anonymous comment without the foul language.

"thats strait up bs as a student in middle school i've delt with about 20 spanish dropouts my age and one black one .your facts aren't facts their bs."

Jennifer Abell said...

Now to my response...

Anonymous comment..."your facts aren't facts their bs"

If you read the post, they were not my comments or facts. It was simply an article I came across. If you disagree, that's your perogative but please back up your claim with some additional facts and statistics to disprove the article and convince me otherwise.