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Notes from Board Meeting, 2/19/08

The below notes are my personal notes and are not intended to be all-inclusive or official minutes for the Board of Education meetings and are provided as a request from my supporters and the general public in a personal effort to be more transparent. Although I have diligently tried to make these notes as unbiased and accurate as possible, I am only human and do make mistakes.

To view the full agenda and the various reports, please visit BoardDocs.

Superintendent - Report

  • Upcoming Events
  • Meeting with US Senate staff & partners from the Space Foundation
  • "Go Places with Math & Science" NSWC & CSM partnership
  • Staff meetings with teachers regarding testing and workloads
  • New teacher breakfasts
  • Residency proof required for incoming 6th & 9th grade students
  • Neal Elementary work progressing. Spirit group for mascot naming being formed
  • Russia and Japan partnerships

Approval of Minutes from 1/8/08 & 1/28/08

*Motion by Carrington, seconded by Wise to approve Minutes

Board Members Update

  • Carrington - Indian Head Elementary - 2/22 Black Saga Program
  • Wise - Message to news agencies; quotes directly in paper incorrectly. DO NOT summarize and use quotes. Ensure credit is given to the appropriate board member.
  • Abell - McDonough Wind Ensemble asked to performa th the Kennedy Center on Tuesday, March 4th at 6:00 p.m. in celebration of Music in Our Schools Month. Admission is free.

EACC - Update

  • Roundtable discussion of teacher workload and testing results and suggestions
  • Comments were forwarded to the board
  • Requests one early dismissal day per week
  • Prepared lesson plans for teachers and for substitutes
  • BOE buy materials of instruction that have plans and lessons
  • address special education paperwork issues
  • Hire IEP facilitators
  • IEP planning days
  • Hire more speech language pathologists
  • Increase mentoring efforts with formal training
  • hire employees for hall/bus duty etc.
  • reduce mandated paperwork and plans to be turned in
  • Invite to Read Across America event @ Old Country Buffet
  • Abell - requested copies of teachers comments from roundtable discussions. Board has NOT received.
  • Pedersen - Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Student Board Member

  • Senator Middleton and Sheriff's Office meeting regarding teen driving - more next month
  • MASC legislation session at Chopticon
  • MASC state convention in March in Ocean City 3/5 - 3/7
  • CCAC meeting last one in April. Elections
  • Freshman Seminar discussed and forwarded to staff
  • food service taste test for breakfast & lunches for next year
  • 2/29 Senior Prom at Jaycees "When Hollywood was Young"

Deputy Superintendent - Student Service Guidance

  • See report
  • Bachelor's Degree; Master degree in school counseling, 48 graduate credits and 600 hours internship
  • 73 in system; 7 nationally certified
  • 1 in all Elem.; 2+ in Middle; 4+ in High
  • system goal is one for each grade level 6th grade and up
  • 759 crisis interventions already this year
  • MSDE recommends ration 1:250
  • CCPS Elem = 1:434; Midd= 1:296; HS = 1:344
  • Wise - appaled @ number of students counselors have to work with
  • Pedersen - Where is diversity discussed in MD and HS.
  • Grier - Beginning MS; HS it is not discussed due to difficulty with scheduling. Freshman Seminar it is discussed as is suicide
  • Pedersen - staff support and counseling
  • Grier - Yes
  • Shah - Retention rate for counselor
  • Grier - Not an issue
  • Pedersen - work on reaching MSDE goal. How do we compare locally?
  • Grier - Published throught he state of Maryland; don't have on hand

Instruction Report - Middle School Programs

  • Extensive powerpoint presentation....very informative
  • Wise - Geometry in 8th grade
  • Estep - Transportation is busing students to HS

Supporting Services Report - CIP Update

  • Neal 77% complete
  • Somers - chimney restoration; Phase II of renovation
  • Craik - almost done, no longer on report
  • Diggs - 8 modular classrooms installed
  • Bailey - Trailers at Diggs, amazing yet APFO doesn't indicate a shortage of allocations :)
  • Pedersen - Retreat with commissioners...state capacity to core did we get here? :)
  • Carrington - Can't cut funding when things slow down; perservance...ridiculous :)

Finance Report - Workers Compensation Policy #3541; Rule

  • No discussion. Action next month

Legislative Update - Schwartz

  • HB21 - Compulsory attendance to 18 - large fiscal impact
  • HB199 - Bullying
  • HB546 - Bullying
  • HB732 - Bullying
  • SB850 - public school labor relations board - oppose
  • SB96 - high truancy
  • SB77 - In-county transfers
  • HB169 - In-county transfers
  • HB920 - transfer students of violent crimes per victims requests
  • HB841 - 2 credits physical education and certain # of minutes per week
  • HB1411 - Increase opportunities for disabled in athletics
  • SB849 - Increase opportunities for disabled in athletics
  • HB760 - Allow students who don't make an athletic team at one HS to try out for the same program at another school
  • Pedersen - HB841 affects on CCPS
  • Shah - compulsory attendance age - old or new?
  • Schwartz - a version of this has been submitted for the last 5 - 6 years
  • Bailey - # of students affected by HB21
  • Cunningham - dropout rate approx 3% of all HS students. Don;t have exact #'s
  • Wise - HB21...MABE voted to support with age change to 17
  • Schwartz - hard to implement in some schools because of shared space gym/cafeteria

Action Items: Personnel

*Motion by Wise, seconded by Pedersen to approve Personnel

Unfinished Business

  • Bailey - staff development for counselors & person in charge
  • Cunningham - they attend regular staff development meetings and specialized ones
  • Wise - Task committee has met and will be forwarding in update for discussion at work session
  • Pedersen - APFO committee - include a review every 3,5,10 years?
  • Abell agreed

Future Agenda Items

  • Emily Ferren - Charles County LIbrary requests time on the agenda to brief the board with opportunities available

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