Thursday, February 21, 2008

City hires independent auditing firm to explore School System spending

In Richmond...

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The City of Richmond has engaged an independent auditing firm, TCBA of Washington, D.C., to immediately begin an audit of the Richmond Public School System’s spending practices.

“When people are writing to me on a regular basis that their real estate assessments are going up 100 percent and the people who spend those taxes pay no heed, then the Richmond Public Schools’ situation has reached crisis proportions,” said Mayor L. Douglas Wilder. “It is very difficult for people to hear the truth sometimes, but we need to be clear that the City of Richmond has a responsibility to ensure the prudent use of taxpayers’ dollars.”

Two prominent educational leaders, Dr. Robert Holsworth and Dr. William Bosher, spoke of the need for prompt action by the School System to implement ways to make more efficient use of its available funding. They were joined by John Gerner, the City Administration’s consultant on School System funding.

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