Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lights! Camera! Action!!

Another view of televising Board meetings in the American School Board Journal


Broadcasting board meetings can help you build positive relationships with
the community, but a lot of time reception is just as important as perception.

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im1ru2 said...

After reading the article - and yes, I guess I should mention, I was the "gentleman" who actually, went to the last BOE work session and thought - foolishly now, in hindsight, that the Board would want to hear from someone other than themselves, and spoke or tried to about three issues - I feel it necessary to mention something.

I know that the county addresses the issue of disabilities for attendees somewhere and even at more than one place for those of us with disabilities that plan to attend Board/County functions. I get it. Call ahead. Tell them ahead of time. I am aware of the fact that I have MS - have been for 11 years now.

What struck me however and brought it to my attention was that although I don't often find it necessary to "call ahead" even though (as you saw Jennifer) I require what I call my "sticks" it did take me maybe a little more time than the average person to get to the podium, get my paper together, balance myself, hold on and then stand there with my "sticks", paper and balancing act, while no less than 4 seats and microphones were right next to me (for "staff") and not offered! I know the staffers that rushed in right behind me as I was unceremoniously and abruptly cut-off certainly didn’t need to be offered the seats!

In the article I just read "Lights, Cameras, Action" not a word there either about seating or walkways for people with disabilities or maybe offering an extra minute or two to the cripple guy instead of rushing him off right @ the three minute mark even though he is the ONLY person there to speak - out of 329,000 +/- residents! Or, maybe even ask him/her if he/she would like to sit.

They might say no thanks, but the offer just seems to be right up with there with, "yes sir, no maam, and thank-you".

But I don’t want these to be the last words on the meeting. Jennifer Abell was very attentive and even called me after the meeting to discuss the tone and direction of the meeting (my involvement/purpose there) and I appreciate her wiliness to work with her constituents. She followed up with me on my purpose for coming to a BOE meeting and asked if anyone had contacted me yet and showed interest and asked questions about the issues I raised or wanted to raise but did not get a chance to because I was cut-off from speaking. If anyone is wondering why many of us feel she is the hardest working and best Board member we have – stop wondering.