Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stupid in America

This 20/20 documentary was refered to by an anonymous poster in another thread. I thought I would post in a thread by itself and include the link.

Stupid in America

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Anonymous said...

Although this video was taken in another part of the country, I believe that it is a direct reflection of the polluted atmosphere and environment caused by the "teacher's union" in the dictatorship of Maryland.
These people will have no part of the parents that pay their salary, nor will they care about the students in the schools, just their sorry rear ends.
Keep up the great work of keeping the parents informed. It's also nice to see that there is someone on the "Bored of Education" that cares enough about students to keep after these people.
Thank you for posting the link, Jennifer. I've never seen 20/20, but I certainly will look for videos exposing the atrocities pulled by the unions, and will try to post the links on this site.