Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Board Considers School Uniforms

Got your attention but no, not in Chuck County...in Harford County :)

According to an article in the Baltimore Sun, Harford county schools officials are seeking input about the proposal; report planned for December.

One of the goals listed in the school's five-year strategic plan is to conduct an inquiry about uniforms in Harford schools. For more than 10 years, the school system has allowed individual schools to enact voluntary uniform policies, but no Harford County schools require students to wear uniforms.

Harford County public school officials are exploring the possibility of mandatory uniforms for students.

Read the complete article HERE.


Anonymous said...

I don't actually mind uniforms. It makes the morning routine MUCH easier.

Simple tan docker-type pants and polo shirts are inexpensive and neat/clean looking.

I wore a uniform of grey skirt, grey sweater, white oxford & school tie to our neighborhood school in the UK during my early teen years.

Uniforms are NOT a bad thing.

:) Anna

Anonymous said...

I agree, a simple uniform will help kids focus on their schoolwork. My nieces school system has uniforms (khaki pants/skirt/shorts, School specific tee/sweatshirt or red knit top (style can be individual) The schools they attend happen to be more affluent than other schools in their district, so the PTO organized a uniform component recycling program. They just finished their 5th year of uniforms and everyone involved seems happy with the decision.

Heather Brooks said...

I think uniforms are a great idea.

My personal requirments:

Available in natural fabrics.

Casual and comfortable - and whatever boys can wear, girls can wear and visa versa.

Anonymous said...

i want uniforms it makes it alot easier to focous on school work instead of our appearence.