Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I seem to be receiving a barrage of email regarding school uniforms. The Board has never discussed the possibility of uniforms, at least not during my tenure. I have done a little reading, just what has come across my desk, but haven't really dealved into a lot of research because it hasn't been on the radar screen. So let me know what you think. They're your children and your schools. I've listed a few links below to get you started on some of the materials I have read. If you know of any others, please post.


Anonymous said...

I think uniforms would help alleviate the distracting dress code issues faced at many schools.

I think high schools suffer the most from provocative clothing and potential hidden weapons etc.

My daughter's school is overboard with their focus on clothing - they make up new dress code rules all of the time and seem to have no limit as to what they can decide is inappropriate. It would help alleviate that type of harassment of students.

I personally am not a huge fan of uniforms - but they don't have to be ugly do they?

One concern I do have - the fabric that the clothing is made from should be natural fabrics and the uniforms should be made in the USA.

If a lot of parents wanted uniforms, I'd support it, but I wouldn't love the idea.

I'm lukewam about it.

Heather Bartlett

doodydom said...

Before you do the research, what is the board policy? What is the MSDE policy? As a leader, your job should be sure that any changes align with legal issues.

Jennifer Abell said...

Maybe before posting you should take your own advice from a previous post and know what you are talking about. The MSDE nor the Board has a uniform policy outside of dress code which is left mainly up to the Superintendent to devise in Rules. Hence it would be a Board topic if they wanted to implement a uniform policy. Uniform policies are left up to the districts, so legal issues are not a problem. Here's the process: A Board member brings it up as a possible agenda item. The Chairman hsa the authority to place it on the agenda or if HE didn't want it on the agenda he could send it to a vote and it would need a majority (4 votes) to even be placed on the agenda. Next it would be discussed and actual Policy porposal would have to be submitted (this usually requires public input and a time fram of 3-4 months for something of this magnitude). Then it would go to a Board vote which would again require a majority. If passed, the Superintendent would then write the Rules that would further describe the policy.

Richard said...

I've always hated uniforms personally but now that I'm older and don't have to wear one, I think that they are probably a good idea.
They would remove any sort of social stigma and it would be much easier to get dressed for the students.

Anonymous said...

We totally support school uniforms. We used to be against it when our children were younger but with society and the way things are developing it's really not such a bad idea. What disadvantage could it bring other than the first initial purchase?

Anonymous said...

I think uniforms are rediculous, even in these times. Instead of creating more rules to impose on these students (especially high school) how about we treat them like individuals and teach them how to dress for different occasions. The lessons will be far lasting compared with ordering them around on yet another topic, and distancing ourselves further as "adults who just don't understand." Besides, nobody governs them on weekends...

Anonymous said...

I am thinking more and more that uniforms are a good idea.

Jennifer Abell said...

Thanks for the feedback...keep it coming

doodydom said...

There are in fact many legal issues. As a citizen of this country, and elected official, you should be familiar with the First Amendment. However, each jurisdiction does have different policy regarding the decision to implement a school uniform code.

Jennifer Abell said...

I am familiar with the First Amendment and don't know of any cases or law suits involving school districts invoking uniforms and the First Amendment rights? Could you please provide some examples? As always, I am anxious to receive additional information and further educate myself on the topics athand.

Anonymous said...

Doody - What is your problem? How do you manage to post two comments that actually say NOTHING?

Are you FOR or AGAINST uniforms?

WHY are you FOR or AGAINST them?

Your tone sounds more like heckling than having a position.

Anonymous said...

Personally, after talking with a member of school administration and how much time is wasted on dress code issues - some valid, some I don't think are valid, whatever.

The point is that administration have better ways they could spend their time than trying to figure out the latest gang trends and ways kids hide weapons and stuff. If kids all wore solid color tees and one of several styles/brands of jeans and sneakers to school I would be fine with that. The tees could be designated by a couple of companies - say you can wear a red, yellow, green, pink, blue or purple Hanes tee that is no longer than X and no shorter than X and has short sleeves or long sleeves. You can wear Levis 501,502,506, Lee jeans or Unionbay in any color but they all have to fit the hips/waist as not to fall down or expose undergarments. Shoes may be any style of running shoe or sneaker. SOmething like that, you know. There could be a few styles of skirt outfits that are pre-approved as well as suits for kids who want to wear suits. But have something in place well before the school year.

Of course these are just some basic ideas, I'm sure they could greatly be improved upon.

doodydom said...

Dear Heather,
I was not aware of established rules for comments on this blog site. You are quick to condemn. Is this what you see as the role for our Board, and ultimately the students in our system? Is it not better to question before we pass judgement? Or were you educated in the same manner in which the current Board seems to mandate--failure to allow alternative views other than their own? Is a democratic education about developing diverse viewpoints or about the dominant culture forcing a narrow-minded opinion down the majority's throats? It seems a public blog is about voicing opinions, and about questioning politicians' views on a topic. If I err in my judgement of the intended purpose, then I beg to depart.

Jennifer Abell said...

Doodydom and Heather,
I appreciate both of your views and opinions but can we please refrain from the insults. Your opinions will always seem more credible if they do not include the "nasties".
Doodydom, I believe you came on this blog very accusatory, offensive and with a preconceived notion of me. You do not know me, but I would love to extend an invitation to you and Heather for coffee to discuss the issues and for the two of you to get to know me. This can take place with all of us or seperate meetings.

Anonymous said...

Doody - what I am saying is, tell us what IS your opinion - I haven't seen it yet. Are you FOR or AGAINST uniforms and WHY?

Also - I have never been accused of trying to cram narrow-minded opinions down anybody's throats, in fact just the opposite usually.

I already stated that I think uniforms is something I think we should consider and hear the public out on the matter. If the kids had uniforms of some kind then it would relieve the administrators of a lot of problems and it may help alleviate some violence, gang and social status issues in the school.