Saturday, September 09, 2006

SAT Results

Well the 2006 report is out. Charles County Public Schools (seniors only) average score on the SAT is 1537, which is above the state (1511) and national (1518) averages. The average score for the mathematics section is 515, the writing section is 510 and the critical reading portion is 512.

The percentage of seniors taking the SAT increased from 32.5% in 2005 to 34.4% in 2006.

Mr. Richmond and staff are doing a great job on keeping the scores above the state and national averages. This news is fantastic! We're remaining steady on the upward trend in scores and the percentage taking the SAT's.

On the down side, does anyone notice something that is really astounding. Or maybe it's just me...ONLY 34.4% OF OUR GRADUATING SENIORS ARE TAKING THE SAT!!

How do you the community feel about this? What can be done? Let me know your opinion and ideas.


doodydom said...

Are these scores an echo of Kansas, where children are stifled in science, never complete experiments and where books are censored?

Jennifer Abell said...

Aren't we a wise guy? Or should I say girl? Why not ask a legitimate question and I will respond!

doodydom said...

My gender should not make a difference, especially since you promote diversity in our schools. Our SAT scores are not adequate, and I believe this is a reflection of the current Board's effort to control and micromanage our teachers in the classroom. If Board members were educated in the classics, Plato, Aristotle, etc., and modern theory Dewey, and Greene, to name a few, policy decisions might be grounded in scientific method instead of whimsical musings.

Jennifer Abell said...

I agree, our SAT scores could use some help. However, could you be more specific as to what the BOard could do or implement to help remedy the problem and more specifically what are you refering to when you state "control and mircomanage our teachers in the classroom". Please give examples.

Anonymous said...

maybe Doodydom should run for a BOE position since he/she seems to have all the answers!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - WELL SAID!

Unless of course he/she already IS running.