Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Keeping Up with Kirwan at #MACoCon

Conduit Street
by Kevin Kinnally

The [Kirwan] Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education was formed in 2016 to answer two questions: Should the state revise current education funding formulas? And, what major new education policies must be enacted to put Maryland public schools on par with the best in the world?
The Commission was originally set to complete its work in time for the 2018 session of the General Assembly, but last October asked for an extension when it became clear the deadline was not realistic. Prior to breaking for the 2018 legislative session, the Commission released a preliminary report detailing its preliminary recommendations.
In the meantime, the Commission’s four working groups will continue working to develop a consensus on the design, implementation plan, and cost for each of the preliminary recommendations. The Commission is expected to complete its work next month.
At this year’s MACo Winter Conference, attend this special roundtable session to learn how county governments could be affected by the Commission’s final report.
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