Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Principal, Vice-Principal Transfers and Appointments

PrincipalThe Board of Education today approved the appointment of five new principals and 10 new vice principals for the 2015-16 school year. Additionally, Superintendent Kimberly Hill announced nine principal transfers, nine vice principal transfers and administrative appointments.

New principals include:
  • Christina Caballero, vice principal at Mattawoman Middle School, has been named as principal at Matthew Henson Middle School.
  • Louis D’Ambrosio, vice principal at William A. Diggs Elementary School, has been named as principal at Arthur Middleton Elementary School. 
  • Kevin Jackson, vice principal at Theodore G. Davis Middle School, has been named as principal at William B. Wade Elementary School.
  • Kim McClarin, vice principal at North Point High School, has been named as principal at Theodore G. Davis Middle School. 
  • Susan McCormick, vice principal at Thomas Stone High School, has been named as principal at John Hanson Middle School. 
Hill also announced a number of principal and administrative transfers, including:
  • Evelyn Arnold, principal of La Plata High School, transfers to principal at the Robert D. Stethem Educational Center.
  • Douglass Dolan, principal of Mattawoman, transfers to principal at La Plata High School.
  • Sonia Jones, principal of Henson, transfers to principal of Mattawoman.
  • Kathy Kiessling, principal of Hanson, transfers to principal of General Smallwood Middle School.
  • Kathy Perriello, principal of Smallwood, transfers to principal at Henry E. Lackey High School.
  • Sabrina Robinson-Taylor, principal of Middleton, transfers to principal at Walter J. Mitchell Elementary School.
  • Verniece Rorie, principal of Mitchell, transfers to principal at Gale-Bailey Elementary School.
  • James Short, principal at Lackey, has been named as the Director, Hearing Officer/Court Liaison for the school system.
  • Stephanie Wesolowski, principal at Davis, has been named as Coordinator of Instructional Assessment.
Vice principal appointments include:
  • Paul Alvarez, administrative assistant at Thomas Stone to vice principal at St. Charles High School;
  • Shane Blandford, teacher from William B. Wade Elementary School to vice principal at Mary H. Matula Elementary School;
  • Nichole Bolden, teacher at Mattawoman to vice principal at Milton M. Somers Middle School;
  • Anthony Carroll, instructional resource teacher at Smallwood to vice principal at Henson;
  • Brian King, administrative assistant at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School to vice principal at Davis;
  • Gary Lesko, administrative assistant at St. Charles High School to vice principal at Mattawoman;
  • Jason Mackey, administrative assistant at Smallwood to vice principal at Lackey;
  • Shanif Pearl, administrative assistant at La Plata to vice principal at Thomas Stone;
  • Kevin Reisinger, administrative assistant at North Point to vice principal at Maurice J. McDonough High School; and
  • Todd Wonderling, teacher at Piccowaxen Middle School to vice principal at Mitchell.
Vice principal transfers for the 2015-16 school year include:
  • Nicholas Adam, from Malcolm Elementary School to Diggs;
  • Michelle Beckwith, from Mitchell to Middleton;
  • Patricia Mooring, from Middleton to Malcolm;
  • Tamra Nissen, from Henson to Hanson;
  • Carl Pascarella, from Lackey to McDonough;
  • Jean Ritter, from Matula to Indian Head Elementary School;
  • Steven Roberts, from McDonough to North Point;
  • Belinda Shatley, from Somers to Davis; and
  • Brad Williams, from Davis to Stethem.
Administrative appointments include:
  • Michael Heim, assistant supervisor of transportation as director of transportation. 
Hill also announced the retirement of three principals: Penny Nye of Wade, Toni Melton-Trainor of Gale-Bailey and Wayne Freeman of Stethem.
The Board approved the Superintendent’s appointments on June 9. All new assignments take effect July 1.

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