Sunday, November 16, 2014

Satanic worship group seeks to hand out coloring books to high school students prompting Florida school board to consider banning distribution of all religious materials

  • The Satanic Temple, a worship group, has asked to distribute a coloring book to Florida high schoolers
  • Florida allows religious groups to distribute bibles and other materials in schools
  • The board is thinking of changing the policy so that no one may hand out any religious material   

 A Florida school board may change a policy allowing groups to distribute religious materials in high schools after a satanic worship group has asked to distribute coloring books about their faith.
The board discussed changing their current policy during a workshop on Thursday but the earliest it could vote to change would be late January or early February, said officials.
A spokesperson for The Satanic Temple says that they should be able to hand out coloring books that feature children performing satanic rituals and drawing pentagrams just like any other religious group.
'It strongly implies they never intended to have a plurality of voices,' said Doug Mesner, co-founder and spokesman for The Satanic Temple, who also goes by the name Lucien Greaves.
The content in the coloring books are puzzles that ask children to search for words like, empathy, love, care, and friendship.
Another typical page of the coloring book shows a young girl named Annabel who is 'spreading knowledge and helping to dispel fear and ignorance by demonstrating her satanic ritual for her class.'
The satanic group is not the only one that hands out materials, either. 
An evangelical group called World Changers of Florida has given out Bibles in Orange schools three times, reports WPTV.
District counsel Woody Rodriguez said that the satanic group is the only one that submitted a request but that the evangelical group said they will hand out their material as well.
'They seem to be moving against the interests of a large part of the community,' said World Changers of Florida Greg Harper of the Static Temple's Desire to hand out material.
'The Bible will open somebody's heart, somebody's mind, and cause them to pursue answers.'
Board Member Christine Moore said that people are having trouble with a policy change on Christian groups.
'Everyone's upset about the Satanists and the atheists coming,' she said.
An atheist groups saw the upside of the potential policy change and has given out atheist materials in the past in opposition to Bible distributions.
'It's a bit of a relief,' said David Williamson of the Central Florida Freethought Community.
'Given that there's a potential change in the policy, we won't be allowing distribution,' Rodriguez said. 
'We're going to wait.'
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