Saturday, June 07, 2014

Fifth-grader begins crusade for bottled water at lunch

I saw this article in Friday's Indy and I must say...Kudo's to Alyssa!  I look forward to your presentation on Tuesday and I am behind you 100%.  If there is a way we can make this happen for next year, I would like to see it happen.  I TOTALLY disagree with a staff person's comment of we "can't".  There is no such word in MY vocabulary.

Girl wants option along with milk, juice

Sitting at lunch drinking a glass of water from the nearby water fountain, Alyssa Gerhart, a fifth-grader at William B. Wade Elementary School, got an idea to try to get bottled water listed as an option on the school lunch menu.

Alyssa, 11, is looking for a little support via a petition and writing to government officials to push her idea up the chain to make a change.

Alyssa started a petition at the Waldorf elementary school with support from school administration.

Currently, bottled water is not offered at the elementary school level.

Secondary schools in the system have bottled water a la cart for $1.25.

Alyssa said bottled water should be an option like milk and juice because, according to her online petition, “It is another choice for kids to enjoy with it being the healthiest drink there is.” Water is an option that does not have sugars like milk and juice that are currently on the menu, she said.

Alyssa is not looking to replace juice or milk, but only to add water as an option.

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