Monday, May 12, 2014

Shame on Eicholtz! & School APFO Committee Report Presentation, 5/13/14

This report and presentation to the commissioners will FINALLY take place (fingers crossed) tomorrow, Tuesday, 5/13/14 at 5:15 pm after much delay.  You can view the full report and briefing materials below.

Note:  I think it's ironic, no maybe that's not the word for it....WRONG!  Yep that's the word for it, that Mr. Eicholtz attended most of the committee meetings over the past year and knew exactly the recommendations the committee was going to be recommending as a means of solving the school funding issue.  The items we were putting forth would restrict these funds for school construction and renovation.  THEN, just  a week before our much delayed presentation, Mr. Eicholtz presents the county budget with a majority of the VERY SAME recommendations (according to the INDY) for solving the overall county budget with the funds being unrestricted.  After over a year of this committee working diligently to come up with solutions, Mr. Eicholtz takes our hard work and presents them as his own solutions for the overall budget.  UNRESTRICTED.  (TSK! TSK! SMH!)  Too bad his position isn't an elected position!

School APFO Briefing
School APFO Committee Final Report

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