Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AP scores increase; SAT scores dip in 2012

Charles County's students' scores increased slightly on Advanced Placement (AP) exams, but the average SAT score for the Class of 2012 decreased, according to data released this week by the College Board, which administers AP, SAT and other national programs.

Charles County Public Schools average score on AP exams rose slightly to 2.22 from 2.14 in 2011. Nearly 90 percent of all students taking the rigorous AP classes took at least one test in 2012. "Taking Advanced Placement classes in high school better prepares our students for future study and success," Superintendent James E. Richmond said.

While the number of students taking the SAT increased, average scores decreased. Scores for the class of 2012 were 1447, down from 1455 in 2010. National and state averages also declined. Average participation countywide is 39 percent.

Students average score on the critical reading section is 486; the average math score is 490 and the average writing score is 471.

The SAT is used by many colleges as part of an admission process and designed to demonstrate a student's mastery of certain subjects. Only scores for graduating seniors are included in the 2012 report. Students in the Class of 2012 were offered nearly $52 million in scholarships.

La Plata High School students averaged 1611, with 28.3 percent of graduates taking the SAT in 2011. North Point High School students posted a 1450 average, with 60 percent of seniors taking the test. Henry E. Lackey High School students averaged 1430, with 30.6 percent participation. Westlake High School students averaged 1423, with 20.6 percent participation. Thomas Stone High School students averaged 1398, with 42.7 percent participation and Maurice J. McDonough High School students averaged 1392 with 38.1 percent participation.

A detailed chart of SAT results for 2011-12 college bound seniors is posted on the Charles County Public Schools website at

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