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Notes from Board of Education Meeting, 3/13/12

The Board of Education Meeting on Tuesday, March 13 will be re-broadcast on Comcast Channel 96, Verizon FIOS Channel 12 and is available via webstream at http://www.ccboe.com/ . To view the full agenda and the various reports, please visit BoardDocs.
The below notes are my personal notes and are not intended to be all-inclusive or official minutes for the Board of Education meetings and are provided as a request from my supporters and the general public in a personal effort to be more transparent. Although I have diligently tried to make these notes as unbiased and accurate as possible, I am only human and do make mistakes.

Executive session – 12 p.m.
Call to order – 1 p.m. - Pledge of Allegiance, Thomas Stone High School's JROTC unit

Superintendent's update - see report
Correspondence/Board Member updates
  • Abell - MABE budget meetings in June and July
  • Bowie - thanks for the student shadowing us at the last board meetings. Suggests board members shadow a student. Liked the Bunkyo University farewell party. Library - bullying seminar.
  • Pedersen - senior portfolio interviews at Westlake and Lackey were very good. Enjoyed time at Read Across Charles County; congratulations to basketball teams
  • Cook - Destination Imagination - very impressed
  • Wise - Science Fairs, very impressed with second place winner who built a robot to clean up leaves in the yard
Education Association of Charles County update - see report
Student Board Member update - see report
CIP update - see report

Superintendent's redistricting recommendation - see reports
  • Cook - miscommunication and disparaging remarks about Barnhart from fellow citizens was disappointing.
  • Bowie - transportation issues?
  • Lukas - Neal redistricting, growth numbers?
  • Barrett - projections based on units: some factual, some subjective.
  • Lukas - Some children will be attending 3 different elementary schools; special consideration for 5th graders to stay at Neal
  • Wade - Wants to know the number of students Lukas is talking about
Career technology education - see report

Proposed FY 2013 operating budget - see report
Update on 2013-14 school calendar - to be posted on the website for comment later this week
Legislative items
  • maintenance of effort waiver legislation
  • teacher pension
  • length of time a bus can be in service
Non-discrimination policy - see report
Board goals - see report
  • Abell - quantitative measures
  • Wade - doesn't believe the board should be issuing goals for the system
  • Richmond - we should wait until next year after the new Superintendent is in place and discuss with him/her any new goals and their implementation.
  • Lukas - review the "goals" and use them as a monitoring device over the next year
  • Richmond - add virtual high school to #4
  • Bowie - new library will have tutor rooms
  • Abell - HSA, SAT, ACT; read the definition of a goal, should be something striving to attain.
  • Richmond - should be achievable and have resources
Unfinished business -
  • Wade - 4 athletic teams at state level; if state champions in a particular area, we recognize at the board level
New business
  • Bowie - continue with plan to meet with commissioners on planning and budget
Future agenda items
  • Wade - Black History month at La Plata HS via tele-presence. Requests a board meeting be done this way
  • Wade - Ms. Arnold should be addressed by Dr.
  • Abell - students are requesting the possibility of drug dogs patrolling in schools
  • Pedersen - Requests presentation by the Southern Maryland Food Bank for backpacks home with needy kids on the weekend.
Recognition – 4:30 p.m.
  • Students - Shad Kirkham, fifth grade, Academic Achievement, William A. Diggs Elementary School; Elijah Neagle, fifth grade, Career Readiness, Arthur Middleton Elementary School; Geneva Long, eighth grade, Personal Responsibility, Piccowaxen Middle School; Amanda Hobgood, eighth grade, Academic Achievement, General Smallwood Middle School; Bianca Watson, twelfth grade, Personal Responsibility, Thomas Stone High School;
  • North Point High School senior and national winner in the 2012 National Future Educators Association (FEA) essay competition - Elijah Steele
  • Mattawoman Middle School's first-place MathCounts team
  • Employees - Leroy Pressley, vocal music teacher, Diggs; Barbara Woods-Miazza, reading recovery teacher, Middleton; Nancy Buter, language arts teacher, Piccowaxen; Tamra Nissen, mathematics teacher, Smallwood; Philip Jones, science teacher, Stone
  • Charles County's Outstanding Educator for Use of Technology - Courtney Brunone
  • Resolutions: Month of the Young Child and National Student Leadership Week
Public hearing on FY 2013 budget - none

Public Forum – 6 p.m. (names are approx. spelling)
  • Kristen Cuttner - Project Lead the Way at North Point is by application into the engineering program only. They do NOT offer the program to students actually zoned for North Point. All other high schools offer the program to the students within their zone.
  • Roseman Dia - redistricting at Davis Middle School, PG County students are allowed to pay tuition and attend
  • Jennifer Dugan - Redistricting at Davis. Should not move current students to accommodate future construction
  • Paul Handwork - Redistricting at Diggs and after school care would need to change to accommodate him driving to North Point campus and Henson. Get rid of PG students and illegally attending students.
  • Dawn Sutherland - Redistricting, at previous hearing and commissioners hearing. portable trailers.
  • Cindy Handgarter - Redistricting. Berry Hill Manor. Davis to Henson, after school activities would be harder, longer bus rides, making room for children that are not even here.
  • Leanne Evans - Redistricting. Bensville corridor. One daughter at North Point and one at Davis and convenience to go to one campus. Hopes both can stay at current schools for the coming years.
  • Jose Schwam - Redistricting. Eutaw Forest. 3 children. Will affect bottom line when selling house.
  • Lourdes Saignon- Redistricting. Davis. Thank you for meeting with me during the recess. Apology for being disrespectful during the last hearing. Allocations. Reassign new developments, not current neighborhoods.
  • Irene Fletcher - Redistricting. Son bullied during last redistricting. Daughter at Henson. Don't move the children, they suffer. Children are not a number. The board is going to be held responsible for her children's medical bills for their counseling
Action items
  • Minutes
  • Motion to accept Minutes by Cook; Second by Pedersen
    Yes = Abell, Bowie, Cook, Lukas, Pedersen, Wade, Wise
  • Personnel
  • Motion to accept Personnel by Abell; Second by Cook
    Yes = Abell, Bowie, Cook, Lukas, Pedersen, Wade, Wise
  • Policy #3430 Accounts: opening and closing accounts
  • Motion to accept Policy #3430 by Pedersen; Second by Lukas
    Yes = Abell, Bowie, Cook, Lukas, Pedersen, Wade, Wise
  • Superintendents rule #5126 – student transfers
  • Motion to accept Rule #5126 by Cook; Second by Abell for discussion
    Pedersen - doesn't feel there is enough change
    Cook - If we vote against, we are stuck with our current policy
    Pedersen - it could be brought up again
    Lukas - questions for staff on transfer report issued in December; have to look at specific schools to recognize there is a problem
    Bowie - Supt recommendation says ALL employees and the sub-committee recommendation says only certificated
    Pedersen - staff members should only be allowed to bring students to school in their building.
    Abell - a seat is a seat. You cannot MAKE a seat that doesn't exist.
    Pedersen - go back to subcommittee's recommendation with additional work
    Abell - agree but add additional clauses to address a grandfather clause & not to supercede any previously arranged negotiated agreement
    Lukas - agree with Abell about a seat needs to be there, but doesn't want to shut down ALL transfers. Doesn't think it should only be available to employees
    Bowie - parents upset by non-taxpaying students taking seats
    Call for the Vote by Abell
    Yes = Abell, Bowie, Cook, Pedersen, Wade, Wise; No = Lukas
    Yes = Wade, Wise; No = Abell, Bowie, Cook, Lukas, Pedersen
    Motion for the sub-committee to reconvene and come back with recommendation by Pedersen; Second by Abell
    Wade - do we have authority to do this; request staff on committee
    Abell - This is the only rule we have to approve and staff was previously on the committee and will still be
    Yes = Abell, Bowie, Cook, Lukas, Pedersen, Wise; No = Wade

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