Friday, September 16, 2011

AP, SAT participation increases

Personally I don't mind the scores dropping as long as more students are taking the tests.

Charles County students increased participation in Advanced Placement (AP) and SAT assessment participation, according to data released this week by the College Board, which administers AP, SAT and other national programs.

Charles County Public Schools average score on AP exams rose slightly to 2.14 from 2.13 in 2010. Nearly 89 percent of all students taking the rigorous AP classes took at least one test in 2011. "Taking Advanced Placement classes in high school better prepares our students for future study and success," Superintendent James E. Richmond said.

While the number of students taking the SAT increased, average scores decreased. Scores for the class of 2011 were 1455, down from 1486 in 2010. National and state averages also declined. Average participation countywide is 39 percent, up from 35.7 percent in 2010.

Students average score on the critical reading section is 494; math scores are 488 and writing scores are 473. SAT tests are designed to demonstrate a student's mastery of certain subjects to colleges. Many colleges use the test as a part of the admissions process. Only scores for graduating seniors are included in the 2011 report. Students in the Class of 2011 were offered nearly $40 million in scholarships.

La Plata High School students averaged 1672, with 26.4 percent of graduates taking the SAT in 2011. Westlake High School students posted a 1492 average, with 18.5 percent participation. Both North Point High School and Henry E. Lackey High School students averaged 1445. North Point had 62.9 percent of its graduates taking the SAT and Lackey had 30 percent. Maurice J. McDonough High School%u219s average is 1415 with 34.8 percent participation and Thomas Stone High School students averaged 1377 with 47 percent participation.

Charles County Public Schools offers Kaplan Live Online, an interactive SAT preparation class in Saturday session in the spring and fall.

"Last year we saw an increase in our scores and felt the success of students taking online programs and preparation classes was moving us in the right direction. To see a decrease this year disturbs us, and we are looking to see how to encourage more students who want and need to take the SAT to take advantage of these classes and become better prepared to take this test," Richmond said.

A detailed chart of SAT results for 2010-11 college bound seniors is posted on the Charles County Public Schools Web site at

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Anonymous said...

After reviewing the AP scores by school on the CCPS website, I noticed that scores for classes with less than 10 students taking the exam were not released. Could you please explain this? When does CCPS plan on releasing these scores? Thanks!

Jennifer Abell said...

We will not be releasing scores in classes with less than 10 students. If you will notice, MSA and HSA scores are also reported the same way now. We are under clear direction from the Maryland State Department of Education to report only scores of more than 10 students as a combined group in any and all of our reporting of test scores. That order came from the federal government after it was found that Maryland, and its counties, were in violation of FERPA laws by reporting scores for groups it deems too small and that could lead to identification of a score for individual students. Previously, we used five as our cut off number.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the answer! Gotta love bureaucracy...