Monday, May 10, 2010

Police Tasers and their use ...on our students, our BABIES?

This is a topic that was recently brought to my attention by a parent. Does CCPS have a policy on the use of Tasers on students (by law enforcement, of course). My answer, "No, we do not." Next question was whether CCSO has a policy on the use of Tasers on students?, it does not. Here is the statement I received from CCSO:

"To date there have been no Taser deployments in the schools against students. The Use of Force Continuum is the same for all persons. The only variances for the Taser are for age, weight and known medical conditions. Please remember that the Taser is an intermediate weapon that has through study been proven to reduce injury to both the officer and violator in a physical confrontation as well as avoiding the use of deadly force where if the Taser was not available the officer would have been forced to fire their pistol. The use of the properly deployed Taser has been proven to bring an immediate resolution to dangerous confrontations. As an entity we conduct an extensive basic Taser User Course, as well as a mandatory yearly re-certification, with the system to include practical exercises, legal updates, manufacturer updates and following a policy review a written test. I would invite any interested party upon completion of a written waiver to attend the course and experience an exposure. The exposure breaks no bones, leaves no scars and knowledge of the Tasers presence and existence deters resistance. Please let me know if there is any other questions."
With that being do you feel? Give me your opinions. Do we need a policy? If so, provide me with wording so we can discuss the pros and cons.

As with all policy, I believe in doing my homework thoroughly; therefore, I will, in the near future, allow CCSO to Taser ME. Why, you might ask? Because I want to see how bad it really is BEFORE one of our students is hit with it.

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