Friday, July 31, 2009

Bus routes, school zoning information available on School Locator

Charles County Public Schools has added a school locator feature to its Web site.

School Locator is designed to allow the public to enter an address and see which three schools  elementary, middle and high  an address is zoned for. It also indicates if the address is eligible for bus transportation to a particular school, what the bus number is and where the closest bus stop to the address is located.

School Locator can be accessed at Click on Launch Application (Public) to access the system. No password is needed. School Locator uses mapping data from the county and filters it by the system's current school zones.

For more information about bus routes, contact your child's school, or the transportation department at or 301-934-7276.

This service also allows school principals to see a list of buses traveling to their school, which students are on that bus and the approximate time of each stop that bus makes before reaching the school.

The service also expedites some of the manual tasks for school system staff. It will help in the process of creating bus route packets at the beginning of the school year.

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