Wednesday, May 06, 2009

White House seeks comments on education law

The Associated Press
Tuesday, May 5, 2009; 8:01 PM

BUNKER HILL, W.Va. -- Special education teacher Lynn Reichard has a problem with the federal No Child Left Behind law: Some of her kids cannot read, never mind pass its required state test.

Reichard told Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Tuesday that she works all year long to boost the self-esteem of mentally impaired students at Bunker Hill Elementary, only to see them fall apart over standardized tests.

"They feel so good about themselves, and then they look at a two-paragraph reading passage, and they know six words," Reichard said. "I have one child here that's a nonreader, and she's going to have to take the test, and she's going to cry.

"There's just got to be another answer for that," Reichard said.

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LegalBeaglette said...

Duncan made time to visit with kids, reading the book, "Doggie Dreams" to first-graders at Bunker Hill and having lunch with fourth-graders at Eagle Intermediate School in Martinsburg, where he ate a cheesesteak sandwich and onion rings but finished only half his vegetables.A classic case of leading by example. ;) Let’s hope the cheesesteak sandwich was a healthier version of the Philly, purportedly packed with 1,654 calories (538 from fat). And maybe the onion rings were baked?

On topic, for those who might be interested – the “listening tour” does not at present include Maryland.