Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Schools around state crack down on tag

You've gotta be kidding the age of a fast food restaurant on every corner, both parents working and too busy to cook nutritious meals, and school systems strapped for money and time just to meet the academic requirements much less provide adequate time for physical education, we are now going to tell all the overweight, latchkey kids they can't run around and play tag at recess? What is this world coming to? It's not like a mandatory requirement at recess, it's OPTIONAL!!

Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008

Capital News Service

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland elementary schools are restricting the types of games students can play at recess, causing some people to worry that administrators are eliminating the very activities that let kids be kids.

Although most schools already prohibit games like dodgeball and tackle football, stringent no contact policies are, in some cases, affecting more basic childhood games as well. Tag is one game being questioned at more Maryland schools.

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Anonymous said...

Public schools aren't going to be happy until 100% of their students are zombied out on ritalin. Yet one more reason to home school.

Anonymous said...

That has nothing to do with it. Like most school decisions it comes from fear of a lawsuit. I would be willing to bet money that someone somewhere int he state of MD has sued a school system over dodge ball or tag.