Tuesday, November 04, 2008

National Institute of Vehicle Dynamics - Drive to Survive

The National Institute of Vehicle Dynamics (NIVD), a Maryland Nonprofit, was founded to address the issues of “driver error” in teen-related driver fatalities, which is the leading cause of teen driver deaths for the age group 15-21 years old.

NIVD’s Drive2Survive® curriculum teaches teen drivers life saving techniques not being addressed in basic Driver’s Education.

Currently, our Drive2Survive® curriculum is the first approved and licensed Advanced Safety and Collision Avoidance Teen Driver Training Program by the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).

NIVD’s curriculum is 8 hours of in-car practical application with a state certified Law Enforcement Emergency Response Operation Instructors. One of the most important subjects being covered, removing “panic” in emergency situations with the proper response to the vehicles controls, through our intensive in-car training program on a closed course driver training facility.

We are asking that parents help our organization partner with local community groups to create more awareness about our life saving program “Drive2Survive®”. Together, we can jointly host each others logo and web link to our home pages to let parents know your organization is concerned about reducing the leading cause of death of 15-21 year old drivers “Driver Error”.

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Jennifer Abell said...

Sheriff Coffey has partnered with this program and has donated 20 scholarships/seats in the training and is holding an essay contest in the high schools in Charles County to select the winners. I’ll keep you posted as details of the contest are finalized.