Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Board Members Met on May 27th (not a meeting)

I have been wrestling with this post and my conscience for a couple of days. Why?, you may ask.

The Board of Education members met Tuesday, May 27th for administrative function. This meeting was not announced to the public, but according to officials it didn't have to be because it was not an executive session but was for administrative function and no minutes were taken.

Although this meeting legally doesn't have to be announced, I personally believe that whenever a majority (four or more) of the board meets, the public should be aware. Just my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Okay so you dont HAVE to announce the meeting but my question is why NOT announce the meeting even if its just to announce the fact that you are meeting? idk is it illegal TO announce the meeting? if it is then shame on you. if it isnt then why all the secrecy? is their some secret so big out their that the public shouldnt even have a heads up about it? because the board is meeting and NOT informing the public about it is a big fat red flag imo. i am very surprised the other board members are keeping this a secret. i thought they ran on transperancy. so much for their campain promises. Guess some people will just say anything to be crowned with a politicial title. Are you able to at least tell people why you were meeting even if you cant write aboaut the specifics? thanx for being honest.

Jennifer said...

I can say it was administrative function of the board and possibly even say it was for personnel matters. :)