Saturday, March 29, 2008

NSBA Conference - Making Meetings Matter

Blogging from the NSBA conference in Orlando.

I had the pleasure of attending one of the Early Bird sessions called Making Meetings Matter. The presenters were from the Illinois Association of School Boards and it was very informative with wonderful attendee participation and discussion. Here's some of the highlights...

Ingredients of a Successful Meeting
1. A focus on board work
2. Effective participation by individual members
3. Effective leadership by the presiding officer
4. Efficient procedures for transacting routine business
5. Well-understood rules of order
6. Legal compliance
7. Good record keeping, both minutes and policies
8. A mutually supportive relationship with the superintendent
9. Procedures for policy making and other board functions
10. Public participation that is orderly, democratic and constructive

Legal Requirements
-Legal references and resources (school board association, district attorney, policy, laws)
-Email among board members shall be limited to (1) disseminating information, and (2) messages not involving deliberation, debate, or decision making.

Planning (agenda and time management)

Conduct (set policy)
-Individual board member behaviors can contribute to or inhibit a successful board meeting.

Evaluate (self evaluation)

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