Monday, November 26, 2007

REMINDER, Legislative Breakfast, 11/29/07

REMINDER: Moved this post back up to the top.

The Board of Education will be attending a legislative breakfast with the county commissioners and delegation on November 29th, 7:30 - 9am, at the Starkey Building. We will be submitting our 2008 package of Legislative Issues. I am requesting input from my constituents (as soon as possible) on legislative issues you would like to have modified, deleted or added. Please click below to view the 2007 Legislative Package that was submitted to the commissioners in 06 to use as a starting point.

2007 Board of Education Legislative Issues
2008 Board of Education Legislative Issues


Anonymous said...

The current ELECTIVE high school Sex Education program is opt-in. Clarification needs to be made on that point.

Jennifer Abell said...

Anonymous - I should KNOW this but...I was told the sex ed program was opt-in. By your phrasing you are leading me to believe that only the ELECTIVE course is a opt-in and the regular course buried in the Health curriculum is opt-out. Is this what you are saying?

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar enough with the Sex ed component of the regular Health curriculum to say it is either opt-in or opt-out with any degree of confidence, however the ELECTIVE sex-ed program, Family Life and Human Sexuality is absolutely opt-in.

The point of my post was that the Legislative package makes it seem as if all sex-ed programs in Charles County are opt-out when that's not the case. I think it's very important to distinguish between the two courses.