Monday, November 20, 2006

New High School to be SPACE & SCIENCE SCHOOL???

Charles County Technology Council - November General Members Meeting
Lunch & Learn with Guest Speaker Mr. James E. Richmond, Superintendent of Schools

DATE: Tuesday, November 28
TIME: 12pm-1:30pm
LOCATION: Charles County Chamber of Commerce, 101 Centennial Avenue, Suite A., La Plata, Maryland.
COST: $10 members; $15 guests
RSVP: RSVP by Wednesday, November 22 (see below)

Please be our guest at CCTC's Annual General Members Meeting/Lunch & Learn. Our speaker for the event is Mr. James E. Richmond, Superintendent of Schools for Charles County. Mr. Richmond will talk about Charles County's next high school, which will focus on Space and Science.


LegalBeaglette said...

So it’s official? The new high school “will focus on Space and Science.”

A recap:

No consensus by the Board to hold a work session in September to discuss the Board’s vision for the new $90 million high school. [Board Minutes, 09/19/06, Future Agenda Items]

“She [Ms. Young] asked when the Board would discuss the vision for the new high school and give direction to staff. Chairman Bailey said he would arrange a meeting with Superintendent Richmond upon his return, to determine the best time to meet and poll the Board as to an acceptable date and could perhaps be in a work session. Mr. Cunningham reminded Mrs. Young that Superintendent Richmond has spoken about a planetarium for at least ten years and has spoken about it before this Board on many occasions. Mr. Cunningham explained the process is to put together a group to talk about ideas. He said Superintendent Richmond had spoken about the subject on numerous occasions and that no decisions on having a planetarium have been finalized. Mr. Cunningham stated that these ideas are just conversations and that “nothing has been set in stone.” He said these discussions are being held and include possibly having a school with fine and performing arts as Mrs. Young had suggested at a previous Board meeting.” [Board Minutes, 09/19/06, New Business]

There appears to have been no October work session (there are no published Minutes for one).

Your notes from the November meeting published on this blog show that Ms. Young “relayed concern over comments she hear[d] at the Economic Development Summit regarding the new high school. Seems as though it is a done deal for it to be a space school.”


“Young asked if the committee for the vision of the new high school had met yet. Staff stated they were in the process of identifying members at this time.”

That November meeting was held less than a week ago, and in six days, I am to infer that CCPS has "identified members” for the vision of the new high school and made a decision regarding same? Who were those "members" and what capacity do they have to make such decisions?

[Please know that I do not rely on your notes as "official minutes" -- they're all I've got to go on until December, though, with regard to the November meeting.]

Heather Brooks said...

3291 - you go on with your bad self.

I hope Jennifer and the new board can get a handle on some of this renegade activity going on.

Don't ya'll just get EXHAUSTED!?!

Jennifer Abell said...

It's unofficially official :)